Jon attended the well-known Ogle School in Dallas. While in Dallas, he began assisting at hair shows for the renowned stylist Trevor Sorbie as well as beginning his extensive color training with Framesi products. It’s in Dallas that Jon’s expertise in cutting and color began to take shape.In the early 90’s, Jon moved to Houston to complete his training. Since then, Jon has perfected his skills, providing expert cuts and color.

“My styling philosophy is a good cut should enhance a person’s look; it should not be the first thing you notice. If a person has a good cut and color work, the effect should be “wow, you really look great.” The stylist’s work pulls a person’s whole look together. I create classic shapes that are grounded in the Sassoon style of cutting. The style is in the haircut, not in the way the hair is blow dried or in the application of products. These things simply enhance the cut.

When creating a “look,” there are different things that go into consideration – a person’s personal style, face shape, skin tone and lifestyle. Also important is what type of climate the person lives in. While most of my clients live in Houston, I do have clients who live in other places such as California and New York. In dealing with the hot and humid weather of Houston, a good cut is imperative in dealing with the extreme heat and dampness of our summers.”

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